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  • How many people help program the films you screen? 

DFC has one film programmer.  

  • Do you work with distributors or directly with filmmakers to book films? 

We work both with distributors and filmmakers. 

  • What percentage of your box office revenue is shared with the distributor/rightsholder?


Usually we do 50/50 revshare. 

  • Does your cinema have a fixed calendar or can you extend runs of docs that are performing well? 

As documentaries are our main direction, we could extend performing well items, from 1 month to one year and even more. 

  • How long does each first-run film play at your cinema? 

Two weeks and more. 

  • Does your cinema offer screening series or other special programs? 

Not very often, it is quite unusual format for us. But we do have a big number of special projects with the universities, media resources, some interesting brands.  

  • Are you able to skype-in guests for Q&As? 

Yes, we are able to Skype-in guests for Q&As. 

  • Do you offer other post-screening panels or guests? 


Pre- and post-screening panels and guests formats are very popular in DFC, we usually  invite filmmakers, film critics, historians, art critics etc. 

  • Do you rent your cinema to third parties (other film festivals, etc)? 

DFC is a venue for documentary program of many festivals, such as Moscow International Film Festival, Beat Film Festival, Moscow International Jewish Film Festival etc. We always welcome the special programs if that fulfill our quality requirements.  


  • What documentary subject matter works best for your audience?  

Nature (bears!), politics, musicians, art, fashion, celebrities.  

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