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  • How many people help program the films you screen? 

We are a team of five who pre-screen and discuss upcoming titles. 


  • Do you work with distributors or directly with filmmakers to book films? 

Mostly with distributors. 


  • Does your cinema have a fixed calendar or can you extend runs of docs that are performing well? 

We only have one screen and for the most part we operate on a fixed calendar - but we try to leave some slots open each month to accommodate films that are performing well.  We also list upcoming titles on our website and based on pre-sales, we can often extend a run before a film opens.   


  • How long does each first-run film play at your cinema? 

Usually one week. 


  • Does your cinema offer screening series or other special programmes? 

Yes.   Series, mini-festivals (3 - 4 days) and special one-off screenings and events are a significant part of our annual programming.  


  • Are you able to Skype-in guests for  Q&As? 


  • Do you offer other post-screening panels or guests?


Yes - as often as we can. 


  • Do you rent your cinema to third parties (other film festivals, etc)? 

Yes, this accounts for over $250,000 US each year. As per the below, I would give a percentage of total revenue as it will change year to year. 

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