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  • What documentary subject matter works best for your audience? 

We get good attendance across most genre and subject matter but there are exceptions, for example here in the UK we have difficulty attracting an audience for internal USA issues even if it’s a great doc.

  • How many people help program the films you screen?

It’s mostly myself as director/curator, with support from an associate programmer.


  • Do you work with distributors or directly with filmmakers to book films?

Both and often with sales agents.


  • What percentage of your box office revenue is shared with the distributor/rights-holder?

It varies but usually standard terms.


  • Does your cinema have a fixed calendar or can you extend runs of docs that are performing well?

We have a flexible calendar to a degree and keep some slots open to discuss possible hold-over films each Monday if films are doing well


  • How long does each first-run film play at your cinema?

This very much depends on the film and the distributor and varies from one a day to splits and very occasionally three a day for the first week, then as long as it gets an audience, sometimes weeks.


  • Does your cinema offer screening series or other special programs?

Yes, we have occasional strands and series and most weeks we have access to a 150 -seat screen to mount an event – a Q&A or a panel following a preview of a film. 


  • Are you able to Skype-in guests for Q&As?



  • Do you offer other post-screening panels or guests?




  • Do you rent your cinema to third parties (other film festivals, etc)?

Yes – we do private hires to other documentary organisations and partner with Festivals


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