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  • Do you own or rent your cinema? 



  • How did your cinema first begin? 


Albert Maysles and his family started when they moved to Harlem in 2005. 

  • Did you have an existing audience or membership base before opening your cinema? 



  • What percentage of your gross revenues come from the following sources (box office/ third party rentals/ concessions/ memberships/ merchandise/ other)? 


Not sure how to answer this but I have a plan to do an analysis of all the revenue streams in June. 

  • What percentage of your expenses are dedicated to the following areas (full-time staff/ part-time staff/ distributor fees/ concession costs/ rent or annual building costs/ marketing)? 


Same, as a above.  


  • Do you use volunteers in your cinema?  If yes, how frequently? 

NO, because we don't have the infrastructure to manage volunteers. 

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