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  • Do you own or rent your cinema? 


No, we don't pay any rent. 


  • How did your cinema first begin? 

We opened the 26 October 2016 but we were used to run another cinema in the heart of Florence since 2009, Odeon Cinema, so practically we just moved from there. 


  • Did you have an existing audience or membership base before opening your cinema?

Yes, we have an audience that follows our activities since 2008. 


  • What percentage of your gross revenues come from the following sources (box office/ third party rentals/ concessions/ memberships/ merchandise/ other)? 


2/3 of our gross revenues comes from boxoffices, 1/3 from third part rentals. 


  • What percentage of your expenses are dedicated to the following areas (full-time staff/ part-time staff/ distributor fees/ concession costs/ rent or annual building costs/ marketing)? 


36% full-time staff/ 12% distributor fees/26% rent or annual building costs/ 26% marketing 


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