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  • Do you own or rent your cinema?

It is on a long lease.


  • How did your cinema first begin?

We transferred to our permanent home with funding from our sponsor when the venue was being refurbished in 2014.


  • Did you have an existing audience or membership base before opening your cinema?

Yes, DocHouse had been successfully screening in a peripatetic way across cinema venues in London for 12 years before the cinema opened

  • Do you sell memberships to your cinema?  Is this an important part of your revenue model?


Sadly no, due to our arrangement at the venue, but we do give access and publicise to the Curzon membership


  • What percentage of your gross revenues come from the following sources (box office/ third party rentals/ concessions/ memberships/ merchandise/ other)?

97% from the box office revenue, the rest from private hires


  • What percentage of your expenses are dedicated to the following areas (full-time staff/ part-time staff/ distributor fees/ concession costs/ rent or annual building costs/ marketing)?

We have core funding for staff and rental – otherwise screening fee’s, transit costs etc. and marketing.


  • Do you use volunteers in your cinema?  If yes, how frequently?

Very occasionally for a big event

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