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  • What percentage of your films are documentaries?



  • Is your cinema open year-round?



  • How many screenings does your cinema offer each week?

 4 screenings a day, 7 days a week - 28 screenings


  • Does your cinema have a particular mandate with respect to the kind of documentaries you screen?

Yes. Promoting the art of the documentary form and nurturing new filmmaking talent is at the heart of Bertha DocHouse. We do this by reaching out to encourage new audiences to watch documentaries on the big screen and engage in discussion and by showcasing the best independent creative docs across all genre. Our aim is to support and inspire a new generation of independent documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts.


  • How do you find the films you want to screen?


By watching, literally, thousands of docs over the years – at Festivals, from distributors, sales agents, submissions and filmmakers who send us requests to screen their work.


  • How many seats is your cinema?

55 seats and on Thursday’s we have access to the adjoining 150 seat cinema if we wish for previews and events.

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