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  • What percentage of your  films are documentaries? 

Documentaries are about 70% of our repertoire. 


  • Is your cinema open year round? 

Cinema is open all year except 2 weeks on summer when we have a bit of refurbishment. 

  • How many screenings does your cinema offer each week? 

We have 4-6 screenings each day, so about 35 each week. 

  • Does your cinema have a particular mandate with respect to the kind of documentaries you screen? 

No we don’t have a particular mandate. We just choose very carefully the tittles.  According to the DFC Company Charter we act in order to develop a cultural environment in the field of domestic art of documentary films and to promote the popularization of contemporary Russian culture and art in Russia and all over the world.  

  • How do you find the films you want to screen? 

We work in close partnership with Russian and international distributors, with Russian film schools and productions, follow the line-up of the festivals etc. We do a research as well.  

  • How many seats is your cinema? 

DFC has 90 seats. Plus 20 people could be seated on pillows on the stairs. 

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